Team - Trafficked Victim Unit team members are chosen for their versatile experience background and fields of expertise in order to cover the complexity of human trafficking.

Stephan Fuchs, Co-Director:

Stephan is the initiator and head of - Trafficked Victim Unit, which started as a platform for the conference "Juju, Witchcraft & Human Trafficking" in March 2013, organised by himself and Andy Desmond. Stephan works for a NPO on behalf of the Canton, where he assists and takes care of female asylum seekers. He is trained in human trafficking, women trafficking and female-related escape reasons.


Stephan is specialized in West African (Juju, witchcraft) cults relating to women trafficking. He uses research techniques he learned as a investigative journalist covering various topics such as organised crime and intelligence questions.

Furthermore he visited the course "Bekämpfung von Menschenhandel" (combating human trafficking) of the Swiss Police Institute and has taken intensive courses in crime scene examination, forensic material handeling and interview techniques. He was trained by the Kent Police in Achiving Best Evidense Interview Technic ABE.


Thomas Roth, Co-Director:

Thomas provides analysis, advisory and training for corporations and law enforcement on crime, especially in human trafficking and criminal organisations connected to Asia. He supports corporations in resolving fraud issues and investigations on critical issues.


Thomas is experienced with negotiations in volatile situations. He is an experienced lecturer and trainer on international management subjects, managing people and organizations in Asia, project management, transcultural communication, negotiation simulations. In this capacity he has lectured at ETH, UNIL, University of Applied Science, ZfU International Business School, Institut for Communication & Leadership IKF, a number of Swiss and German companies, the Swiss Business Hub in Korea, the Gateway Program of the European Union and for - Trafficked Victim Unit in Switzerland.


Within - Trafficked Victim Unit he is responsible for counter human trafficking projects, training, operations and team development.


Andy Desmond:

Andy is an internationally recognised practitioner in the field of investigating organised human trafficking. Andy’s experience and knowledge comes from over 30 years as a police officer and detective with New Scotland Yard, and includes investigating and researching Organised Criminal Networks (OCNs) responsible for human trafficking for exploitation into the United Kingdom from Albania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Vietnam.


He is an United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Expert and has experience of working with local law enforcement agencies or government officials in the UK, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Ireland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UAE and the USA.


Clients include human rights lawyers, ECPAT UK (End Child Prostitution, Child Pronography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), the Dutch Government, the Swiss Federal Office of Police and UNODC, delivering law enforcement training workshops to lawyers, police forces, government and NGOs in the UAE.


Karen Pong:

Karen is an Educator in human rights education, peace education, conflict transformation, gender issues, human trafficking, people smuggling, migrants, refugees and children's rights. She's a founding member of the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (YPAN) and a member of the Voices of Young Refugees in Europe.


She has extensive knowledge in Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation, Intercultural Dialogue, Advocacy and Project Management. She has organised international youth projects funded by European Commission programmes Youth in Action/Erasmus+, (workshops, training courses, seminars, study sessions) nationally and in Council of Europe member states. She's been involved in anti-human trafficking actvities since 2010. 


In 2013, she set up a youth association to raise awareness and educate young people about human trafficking. She's attended many panel discussions, forums and (international) coferences. She's been an Observer at the annual global conference on trafficking in human beings organised by INTERPOL (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017).  Karen joined Trafficked Victim Unit in 2015 as an Operator/Liason. She also transmits her knowledge and experience as a consultant with informal groups and NGOs.


Roddy Llewellyn:

Roddy was a Detective Sergeant and has served with the Metropolitan Police in London for 31 years. The majority of his career has been spent as a Detective at New Scotland Yard. In 2006 he set up the United Kingdom’s very first Human Trafficking team, a group directly responsible for over 25 % of all convictions for human trafficking in the UK in since 2004. Notably they dismantled 28 organised criminal networks, while securing convictions totaling over 230 years.


Roddy has worked closely with the top NGOs world wide and has been engaged with numerous operations with the Eastern European, European and International Police Agencies in the pursuit of human trafficking criminal networks.


John O’Reilly:
John was a Detective Inspector of the Irish National Police, investigation in organised crime, murder and sexual crime and has experience in both field work and research in relation to human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Along with his colleagues he released 265 women from sexual slavery in Bosnia while on secondment with the UN in 2002.


He has spent five years researching how the psychological effects of trauma changes the behaviour of victims. As a result, he wrote the book "Sex Slavery - The Way Back", available from This book explains why victims of human trafficking who have been sexually exploited are unable to ask for or accept help and why they want to return to their abusive situation.


It provides a neurological and a psychological explanation for this behaviour. John also developed an interview technique to help victims break their silence and free themselves from a life of sexual servitude.


Edwin Widmer:

Edwin has a social anthropological background and focuses on identification processes and social rights. His everyday work, through which he gained a extensive experience in transcultural communication and mediation, allows him to implement those aspects. His time at Amnesty International Switzerland helped him obtain a lively interest in human rights.


He has multiple years of experience in assisting asylum seekers for a NPO on behalf of the Swiss authorities. His work includes the cooperation with the migration services as well as the collaboration with other NGOs and NPOs. Furthermore he provides extensive know-how in case management and attention on integration work, especially schooling and professional education.


Edwin is responsible for the development of projects and processes and administration within - Trafficked Victim Unit.


Cherifa Atoussi:

Cherifa is a highly committed and focused Human Right Advocate, specialised in safeguarding children and young people including trafficked children, community development and involvement with substantial experience in working with community based organisations in the UK and in Africa.

She is an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills who can communicate effectively to a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and at all levels. Cherifa combines outstanding networking and influencing skills to build and maintain positive cross-organisational relationships. Her credentials include LLB Law, Masters Research in Law and Human Rights and an in depth working knowledge and experience of the issues affecting women, trafficked children, refugees and asylum seekers.