The Global Guard Project

The Global Guard Project


What is the issue?

Traffickers very often use the same transport as legitimate business people on their business trips. You as a business person or manager travel to and from your subsidiaries, international operations and business relations around the globe and often unwittingly share the same airplane, airport - hotel transfer, airport transit area as the traffickers and their victims.


How does the project make a significant difference?
A trained eye can identify the dynamics of possible cases of human trafficking. Thousands of business people are travelling at any given time spending hours in the same environment as potential victims. Training them will make a real impact. To put this into perspective in regards to impact: a border guard has on average only 12 seconds to detect human trafficking at the passport check.

A one point of contact internet platform to report human trafficking related observations through a simple tipline makes it easy to report without interrupting the travel schedule and without risk. The Internet platform ist backed up by a 24 / 7 operator team that processes your information and initiates appropriate action through an extended partner network of global key players in combating human trafficking.


Where does the project stand now?
Currently specialized one-day Guard trainings are available. The training fees are used to fund the development of the Internet platform and implementing the operational back up. A simple pilot tipline backed up with a pilot operation team is in place. We are now in the process of linking up with global key players.


The Internet platform, the full capacity operational set up and the partner network is being created at the moment. We depend on funding and sponsors for this project. Even a small donation speeds up the project significantly.


I want to donate.

Who is managing the project?
The project is developed and managed by - Trafficked Victim Unit together with partner organizations.

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