The Dark Shadow of Kenya's Tourism

Exploitation of underage girls and boys in the coastal region of Kenya

Kenya is known for her beauty and hospitality, from the Rift Valley to the beautiful snowcapped Mount Kenya, the Maasai Mara and the crying stone of Kakamega. The Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa - one of Africa’s major tourist destinations - has hosted millions of tourists from around the world. Despite its beauty and rich culture, a dark shadow of sexual exploitation, commonly known as sex tourism, is widely practiced. This does not only involve prostitutes but underage boys and girls eager to make quick money. 


This lecture will give an insight to the dark side of tourism (the social impact of tourism) and its effects on children in the coastal region of Kenya. It will try and answer the question why it is happening. Who are involved? Where are these children from?What role do parents play in fueling the vice? Relative to the magnitude of the problem, various efforts are put across to curb this vice and the gaps.


For one month, Florence is here to investigate Sub Saharan Trafficking for sexual exploitation in Switzerland. Her stories will be reported in Africa: Reporting on Human Trafficking.

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